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Hidden Yelp Reviews for Michigan's Handyman & The Truth Behind Our Star Rating

Thought we would share over 78 of the reviews on that the Yelp Mafia felt were not important. The Yelp Mafia likes to filter almost every good review that my company gets because most of our clients that post reviews to their site are not DIE HARD YELPERS. I was told by a Yelp agent

"If you advertise with Yelp we will show these reviews to the public and it will increase your star rating"

These well regarded customers are just trying to share their personal experience with the public. And ("No Yelp we still do not wish to advertise with your company")

I mean what do you think the odds are of a company having OVER 160 REVIEWS but Yelp only displays 81 of them to the public. I can only assume Yelps Superb Automated Review Software just thinks that hiding 78 - 5 Star Reviews for a company that doesn't advertise with them is how a fair algorithm should work, this company is just as fake and predatory as the BBB (Better Business Bureau), " You must pay over $750 per year to be an accredited BBB Business"!!!!!!!!!!

Click on the link below to read them for yourself...


Just one of many articles you'll find on the internet about Yelp's Bully Tactics to try to strong arm your business into advertising with them. - 2 Min Read

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